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Symbian 于 1998 年 6 月作为一家私有的独立公司成立,并被下列公司共同拥有:爱立信、诺基亚、松下、摩托罗拉、Psion、西门子以及索尼爱立信。

Symbian 提供先进的开放标准操作系统 - Symbian OS - 针对允许数据传送 (data-enabled) 的移动电话。

MobileDev - 无线应用开发 (Wireless Application Development)



MobileDev is the first Wireless Development Environment (WDE) specifically for WAP Internet applications. Its innovative open-ended development model integrates a graphical application mapper with a wizard interface and a rich tool set. MobileDev supports WAP technologies like WML, HDML, Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), Perl and Java Server Pages (JSP).

Using the GUI application mapper to show the relationships between objects, developers can quickly outline the components of a WAP application. Then they can take advantage of wizards that generate Decks and Cards in both WML and HDML, and use MobileDev's code builder to write WML/HDML syntax that complements the wizard-generated code. The integration of the application mapper with wizards and the code builder provides a seamless WDE that delivers results fast.

MobileDev comes complete with its own powerful integrated runtime engine, MobileDev Server Script. Server Script can quickly create prototypes or build full-blown business WAP applications that can be natively connected to an RDBMS. MobileDev WDE is also designed to support development in ASP, JSP, Perl or other template-based server technologies.